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July/August 2004 Newsletter


- July 18th – The Troop is off to camp. Enjoy!
- August 18th – Committee Meeting – 7 PM
- Aug 20-22 – Troop trip. More info to follow


The 1st scout who brings Ms. Orr the answer wins a prize.
Answer this question: What is your chain of command in the Troop?


Summer camp is here. Those who have not finished paying, pleases see Mrs. Bullock. Scouts – enjoy your week! Make sure you bring along your scout book.


Thanks to Mr. Fetty and his sons for the improved look of the trailer. More work still needs to be completed but it looks great so far!!


Any Scout interested in finishing the summer doing this, please see Mrs. Orr or Mr. Flickinger.


When we first got there we unpacked and set up our tents. Then all the Scouts played Ultimate Frisbee. I went to bed early so I don’t know what they did that night. The next day we got up at 7:00 and made breakfast. We had cereal. After breakfast we got in our canoes. We hadn’t gone but 20 yards and Drew and his father accidentally tipped the canoe. They were the first to get wet. Although the water was calm it was still fun. We fished and got to swim in the river. Later that night we all played cards. The next morning Preston gave a church message and then we all went home. I really had fun on this camping trip.



For newer Scouts, refer to your Scout Handbook that was passed out upon your joining the Troop. Refer to page 4 and 5. When you have worked on a specific area and know it well, see your patrol leader to be tested and get it signed off. We want to encourage you guys in your trail to Eagle. If you have questions see the SPL or ASPL.


Many parents did not turn in the Troop Survey that was passed out in March. Please take the time to fill out and return to a Committee Member. Thanks!


Reading Test

I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdgnieg


Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

Amzanig huh?



IT is about that time again. The Troop will be setting up a few times for Show and Sell. This year there will be gift cards to Coleman’s and to Games and Gadgets. This year’s Popcorn Kernelettes are Mrs. Cain and Mrs. Orr.


Wish the following scouts a Happy Birthday. They will be aging in either July or August: Joe, Chris, JC, Kevin, Aaron and Thomas S. Several adults are also celebrating another year of wisdom but we will keep those names private!!!



June 2004 Newsletter


Here is the quarterly conference schedule for the May SM Conference: Thomas Gladin, Kevin Fetty, Josh Hankins, and Thomas Vance. Remember that all Scouts should be bringing their books each week.


- June 16th – Committee Mtg. 7 PM
- June 15th – SM conference.
- June 29th – Court of Honor. Someone will be calling about food selection.
- June 18-20th – Nottoway Canoe Trip. More info to follow.


Drew won the t-shirt for last month’s quiz. The answer was on page 35.

The 1st Tenderfoot scout or under who brings Ms. Orr the answer wins a prize.

Answer this question: In a church, where is the US Flag placed?


Summer camp is coming quickly. Our Troop is scheduled to go the week of July 18th. Soon the merit badge sign-up sheets will be coming around for Scouts to pick out which

badges they want to work on. The Troop has made its first deposit to council. Another deposit is due at the end of the month. This money can come from the Scout’s account. See Arlene for this.


It is time to start thinking of what to pack and not pack for summer camp. A list of suggested items will be handed out soon. Also, for the new guys, talk to an experienced scout who has been going to camp for many years. They can give you some helpful pointers.


We will be missing a couple of our scouts. Rhys has left to head to Korea with his military family and Joel, who just obtained Eagle Scout, will be heading off to basic Training June 15th. We wish them both the best of luck.


With Joel leaving we are in need of a Chaplain’s Aide. Any Scout interested in finishing the summer doing this, please see Mrs. Orr or Mr. Flickinger.


The trailer is soon to take on a new appearance. Mr. Fetty and his father will be doing some repairs and cleaning up the appearance.


Our troop set out for a weekend at Albrights. When we arrived, we unloaded and set up our kitchen areas. Joe and Mr. Vance taught us about kitchen and our personal safety. Soon, the rain started to pour and we had to cover our gear with a big tarp. Tent set up was done during the rain, lightening and thunder. After, we had down time until bedtime.

Saturday - When we woke up, we saw we had to dry out our tents and other stuff which had gotten wet during the storm. After a cereal breakfast, we learned by Mr. Vance, ax, hatchet and knife safety. Joe and Mr. Fetty taught us about saw safety, too. Joe showed us about the saw guard. Soon, we were ready to handoff and use the saw. Next, Mr. Fetty showed us how to use a saw horse for security. After our sandwich lunch we went on to have Mr. Finger tell us about the ax safety zone, (blood circle.) All that we have learned today I really enjoyed! But we also had the best supper ever! Grilled chicken cooked by J.C. Awesome. Throughout the night, we played a lot of card games until bedtime.

Sunday - We got up and had a cereal and oatmeal breakfast. When breakfast was over, it was time for our church service given by Mr. Vance. After service, we packed up and headed for the scout hut. I really enjoyed myself, and I am looking to the next camp out!



Several adult leaders attended the training on June 5th. We are looking forward to a fun year of good Scouting. The preliminary schedule setting will take place at camp. Now is the time to add your input!



On Monday, June 14th, the annual OA elections will take place. If you are interested in running for a position, inform the OA advisor as soon as possible.


For the newer Scouts, refer to your

Scout Handbook that the Troop passed out upon your joining the Troop. Refer to page 4 and 5. When you have worked on a specific area and know it well, see your patrol leader to be tested and get that signed off. We want to encourage you guys in your trail to Eagle. If you have questions see the SPL or ASPL.


May 2004 Newsletter

SM CONFERENCE  Here is the quarterly conference schedule for the May SM Conference:  JC, Jimmie, Joe, and Aaron.  Remember that all Scouts should be bringing their books each week.

 RETREAT-O-REE  For Catholic Scouts, this event is on June 4-6th at camp.  If you are interested, check out The Courier or ask Mrs. O..

- May 19th – Committee Mtg. 7 PM
- May 18th – SM conference.
- June 5th – Super Saturday – time to set the Program for the Troop.  The more the merrier.
- May 14-16 – OA Ordeal
- May 21-23rd – Camping at Albright’s

AT HIKE 2004  The big event for the month of April was the hiking done on the Appalachian Trail.  Troop 900 had two groups out hiking.  All who participated will be receiving a patch from council and the group who went the 50+ miles has earned their 50-miler badge.  Great job to all that participated!!.



     On Saturday morning, Dan, Kevin, Drew, Josh, Victor, Nick, Garret, Preston, and I reluctantly woke up at the Scout hut.  It was just too early.  We packed up our stuff.  Some of the scouts needed help with newly purchased sleeping bags.  After that we ate a breakfast of cereal - Fruity Loops and Golden Puffs.  A few ate some brownies leftover from the night before (gross).  We then made sandwiches to eat later for lunch.  Finally we were on our way.
After a long (and uneventful) drive, we got to our destination in the Appalachian Mountains.  We found a campsite down a dirt road in the woods the next to a stream.  After a quick stretch, we set up our tents, the dining fly, and some other equipment.  We then ate, packed our daypacks and set off on our hike. 
     We hiked down a seemingly long road that followed the stream until we got to the Lynchburg Reservoir.  The lake water was crystal blue in the sunlight.  We crossed a small footbridge at the base of the dam where it was very stinky from a smell like dead fish.  After a 10-minute break, we started up the mountain on the AT trail. 
     The first rise was pretty steep but the rest of the trail was not overly challenging.  The constant uphill and downhill of the terrain was hard on many of the less experienced younger scouts, even without the heavier camping packs.  We ended up using the breaks as photo
stops.  We finally got to the road back to camp.  This was less interesting but flatter.  Even so, a few had trouble keeping up.  The only way we kept them going was by saying that camp was just around that curve.
     When we got back we made a campfire with only a few minor problems
(someone threw leaves on the fire).  We explored the stream, skipped rocks on it, and played cards played cards (mostly BS) while the grown-ups and Preston cooked dinner for us.  Mr. O. and Mr. B. made the spaghetti and salad while Preston baked the bread in the Dutch ovens.  Afterward, the scouts did have to clean up the dishes (the learning has begun). 
     After an eerie story by Preston, we willingly went to sleep, but not before some delectable peach cobbler.

BY: Chris F


     We woke up at 7 and went for a walk and played in a fast stream.  We had a breakfast feast of pancakes and bacon deliciously cooked by Mr. O., Mr. F., Mr. B. and Preston. 

    After breakfast, we set off to oversee a small village with the mountain background.  It was gorgeous!  There, Mr. F. took a group picture. Then we drove to the beginning of the trail.  Nick gave me a walking stick.  We walked for about an hour & had our church service.  Preston spoke an unforgettable sermon, as usual.  As we continued our hike, I tripped and Nick’s walking stick struck my rib cage.  After I caught my breath we continued on.  Later, Nick tripped and his knee hit a rock. Soon we were back on the trail.  Preston saw what he thought was a wolf, turned out to be just a black dog.  Along the way, we met two campers, and shared our stories. Before we knew it, it was time to go home.

     On the way home we ate supper at McDonald’s.  No one could believe the amount of food I ate.  When we got back into the car, Drew fell asleep on my shoulder. Mr. B. took a picture of Drew sleeping.  We arrived at the Scout hut and wearily had to unload the truck.  It was time to go home.  I can’t wait for our next hike!

BY: Garrett S.



Sunday of the hike on the AT trail was one of the two really windy days we experienced on the hike. It was also our first real day of hiking. After waking up to a frost and mildly snowy weather, we gather our backpacks and hiked a
short distance to the cars for breakfast and the drive to where we began our hike.
   After a bit of a walk, we all stop to what I thought were wild turkeys ahead on the trail. Wanting to see them, we waited until the group regathered only to find out it was the wind making the trees creak. That began what throughout the hike was dubbed as "tree turkeys."
   Noting a few vistas along the way, we broke for lunch and sped our way to our first shelter. For being the furthest from the service road, this shelter was definitely the most massive one we had the grace to sleep in. It was complimented with a small landing, leading to the first floor sleeping area, which had a ladder that took us to the second floor, where all the scouts spent the night. I also mustn't forget the narrow Plexiglas windows and only if you went to the second floor and looked out the triangular opening, would you be able to see and read a very simple and well written poem about Fall, dedicating it to the person's brother.
   The night was chilly, but it only toughened us for the rest of the hike.


     Rise and shine at the very fancy two-story Bryant Ridge shelter.  After I loaded my pack, I enjoyed some breakfast.  Shortly thereafter I filled my water bottles and off we went.  The trail that day turned out very much up hill, with the highest point of the week measuring 4,000 feet on Apple Orchard Mountain.  The morning held much cool air even though the sun shined down brightly; it was spoiled by strong gusts of even colder, bone chilling air.  While climbing Joe coined “los animales del montana.” Meaning “beasts of the mountain” to best describe the heights to peak.  Finally the peak was reached along with Thunder Ridge shelter.  It was one chilly evening and right after fixing and consuming dinner, the best thing to do was to go to bed.


On Tuesday morning we woke up following a cold night in the Thunder Hill Shelter. After eating breakfast and getting all of our equipment in our backpacks, Mr. V., my dad, Joe, Thomas V., Joel, Jimmie, I, alias, Oo Ese Eme, Green 6, Chief, T-Man, Winkie, Chef, and T-Bone set off, heading for Petit’s Gap and our resupply. The few miles to Petit’s Gap were some of the easiest miles of the hike because our backpacks were relatively light since we had eaten all of our food. After we arrived at Petit’s Gap we spent about 45 minutes resupplying, eating, and putting on fresh socks, and deodorant. It felt good to be semi-clean, but when we hefted our packs again, they were much heavier. We then began to climb up Y Mountain. After reaching the top, we had a treacherous decent to our campsite at Matt’s Creek Shelter. It was one of the hardest parts of the hike for me. Personally, going downhill is a whole lot harder that going up-hill, so that was part of the problem.  When I finally arrived at the campsite with Jimmie, my feet were the sorest they had ever been, and I had a big blister on my toe. I wasn’t the only one though, who had suffered during that descent. Jimmie and my dad also had blisters, and Mr. V. had a cracked foot. However, it was well rewarded with a good dinner and a good night’s sleep.


On Wednesday morning we woke up and it was rather warm. Today our destination was Punch Bowl shelter. This would be our longest hike so far. Having started out well we were making great time. Our three climbs for the day would be Little Rocky Row, Big Rocky Row, and the largest, Bluff Mountain. We stopped to eat lunch on one of the smaller hills. Some of the older boys - Joe, Joel and Thomas V. thought they were ahead of schedule when they thought they had gone nine miles in two hours. Really they still had 4.5 miles to go, so actually they had only gone about five miles or so. During the day we had no water except what we had started with. When we go up on Bluff Mountain we saw a memorial for a little girl who had wandered up the mountain and died. When we got to camp we wanted to make water but had to wait until Mr. V. waded into the water to get us a bag of water to purify. After sitting down to a good meal we headed off to bed to await tomorrow’s challenge.


     We woke up brimming with happiness.  Everyone was ready for the last day of hiking.  After a few brief climbs, all of us sat down to eat lunch.  Once done we hiked the last two miles of the day.  While walking we crossed a wonderful bridge.  And the rest of the way we walked beside a beautiful stream.  We arrived at the shelter around 2:30.  Mr. V. was already taking a bath.  A little while later everyone was playing in the stream.  We were drying off and getting ready for a nice afternoon nap when 2 thru-hikers came by and rested at the picnic table. We chatted with them awhile.  Soon after another Boy Scout troop came.  They were from Louisburg – Troop 70.  When we were done cooking two more thru-hikers came by.  One was Australian.  We shared the shelter that night.  At 9:00 a jet skimmed over us.

FRIDAY: Friday we woke up at 6:00!  We were ready to go but MR. V. kept trying to challenge us but it didn’t work.  We walked the FINAL two miles of the trip.  Once at the cars we put on clean shirts and headed on our way.  In Lynchburg we stopped at a Dollar Tree and wasted 30 minutes.  Then we went to McDonald’s and then to Dairy Queen.  Then we headed on home.  And thus ended the trip.


QUIZ  Splinter won the t-shirt for last month’s quiz.  The answer was on page 40.
 The 1st Tenderfoot scout or under who brings Ms. O. the answer wins a prize.

Finish this quote by Lord Baden-Powell:
  “To a tie a knot seems to be a simple thing, and yet there are right ways and wrong ways of doing it, and _____”


 Summer camp is coming quickly.  Our Troop is scheduled to go the week of July 18th.  Soon the merit badge sign-up sheets will be coming around for Scouts to pick out which badges they want to work on.  The Troop has made its first deposit to council.  Another deposit is due at the end of the month.  This money can come from the Scout’s account.  See Arlene for this.



April 2004 Newsletter

ELECTIONS:   The Troop just conducted elections and here are the results:

SPL – Thomas V.
Dragon PL – Rhys M.
 APL – Victor B.
Serpent PL – JC B.
APL – Thomas S.
Scribe – Thomas S.
QM – Josh H.
Chaplain Aide – Joel B.
Instructor – Aaron C.
 Instructor – Joe O.
Historian – Kevin F.
Historian – Chris F.
OA Liaison – Jimmie B.
Troop Guide – Thomas G.


Congratulations to Jimmie for advancing to Life Scout and to Kevin F. for advancing to Tenderfoot. Also, congratulations to Aaron who passed his OA Ordeal! Here is the quarterly conference schedule for the April SM Conference: Victor, Chris, Marquis, Joel, & Thomas.


For Catholic Scouts, this event is on June 4-6th at camp. If you are interested, check out The Courier or ask Mrs. O..


It is scheduled for May 1st. The Troop is participating as a Day Event. More info to follow.


Let me pose a question or possible idea: Is it possible for someone to be a part-time Eagle Scout? Can an Eagle Scout choose to obey the Scout Oath only part of the time? Can an Eagle Scout say to himself, “I did a Good Turn just the other day”… so he can pass up the current opportunity to help someone today? Is it appropriate for an Eagle Scout to look to the 12 points of the Scout Law for guidance when it suits him? Can an Eagle Scout only participate, help, and give guidance to other scouts on a temporary basis that best suits him?

So, I would like to pose to you Scouts that have not yet obtained the rank of Eagle. Is it possible for someone to only be a part-time Boy Scout? That is to mean that only full-time Boy Scouts can be real Boy Scouts. So I ask, can only a part-time Boy Scout obtain the highest rank is Scouting – Eagle Scout?

I hope to encourage all the Scouts of Troop 900 to be Real Boy Scouts.

oo eSe eMe


- Apr 10th – NO Easter Egg Hunt
- Apr 20th – SM conference.
- Apr 21st: Committee Meeting at 7 PM at the Scout Hut  
 May 1st: Scout Show.


Scout Hut Camp-In

Friday Night: After we arrived at the scout hut we set up sleeping quarters. Shortly after it was time to break out the card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh & Magic the Gathering. Nick, Scott, Josh, Drew, Dan, Chris, & Garrett played Yu-Gi-Oh. Joe, Jimmie, Rhys, & Kevin played magic. Sometime later the troop headed out for a game of manhunt. Upon the completion of manhunt the boys watched Cats & Dogs. Rhys, Joe, and I sat back down to trade Magic cards. Some of the boys played Yu-Gi-Oh and watched James Bond. Then we headed off to bed.

Saturday Morning: We got up at 6:45 sharp. Early in morning we moved our stuff out of the way. Breakfast followed. The Dragons had Pop-tarts, OJ, & peach applesauce. The serpents worked on bacon cooking skills & pancakes. 9:00 a.m. time for the real training course starting with 1st aid. The game called for patrols to answer first aid questions until the whole patrol to get the members across the finish line. Then it was time for knots. After this it was requirement time where the boys could get things signed off.

Saturday Afternoon: 4:00 p.m. came around real fast and the next thing you know we were at the alley. It was not only great competition but it was also great fun. After 2 games we headed to Cici's Pizza. Upon arrival there were not enough tables so we sat separately. We got back and jumped back into Magic and the movie “Bruce Almighty.” During the movie the Collections merit badge was offered. It was now time for the highlight of the weekend the Biggest Game of manhunt ever. Then it was time for bed.

Sunday Morning: We cleaned up the scout hut and headed off to church. After church we came back to the scout

hut and waited for our parents. Thus ending the great scout hut camp-in. BY: Jimmie B.

Ramsey’s Draft Hike

Man, it was chilly! We had plans and aspirations of a warm weekend but those weather forecasters were most definitely wrong.

We arrived to the Scot Hut late Fri. night and Mr. Finger showed off his fancy and very light pack. We also made final touches on our packs.

Beep-beep-beep-beep-beep sounded the alarm bright and early telling us that it was time to hit the road. Three hours later and with a change of scenery we arrived at the starting point of our hike.

Thomas V. (T-man)

After arriving we hiked from 10:30 to 5:30 to or campsite. We cooked and went to bed by 8 PM. When we woke up it sleeted for awhile and while we were on the trail we waded the draft multiple times.

Thomas G (Mr. T)

We continued for the last four miles after fording multiple times (where I fell into one creek) and arrived at the cars. We then went to Burger King where we were relieved to get away from Thomas V. toots. We then happily went home after completing a great hike.

Thomas S. (T-Bone)


The 1st Tenderfoot scout or under who brings Ms. O. the answer wins a t-shirt.

What are the 4 things you do when you are lost?


On the weekend of March 12-14th, five new scouts, including me, and one Tenderfoot joined other local Troops for a merit badge weekend at Camp Albright. This was an opportunity for new scouts to earn several of the easier merit badges. Some of the merit badges offered were Textile, Leatherwork, Metal Design and Sculpture.

Friday night began with setting up camp. For many of us it was the first time camping with the Boy Scouts. Later that night a cracker barrel was served. Saturday morning everyone went to Hansen pavilion to earn merit badges. That night everyone went to a bonfire and then we went back to camp and had a big game of Capture the Flag with Troops 901 and 923. The next morning a couple of Troops went to a church service done by Eagle Scout Preston C. Then we went back to camp and packed up and left. I can’t wait to do it again.

By: Nicholas B.


Summer camp is coming quickly. Our Troop is scheduled to go the week of July 18th. Soon the merit badge sign-up sheets will be coming around for Scouts to pick out which badges they want to work on. The Troop has made its first deposit to council. Another deposit is due soon. Parents need to pay $88.00 by April 30th. This money can come from the Scout’s account. See Arlene for this


At the Merit Badge Weekend the OA ceremony Team performed for the boys who had been elected from various Troops. While the boys from all the Troops present were watching the campfire on Saturday night, the members were busy getting ready to put on a ceremony. After the final skit the members were ready to put on a show. As the drum began to beat the ceremony started. The ceremony started with two principles explaining what the OA is and how you can be elected. After they had finished speaking the other two principles went around and tapped everyone out. After tapping out all of the elected boys who were present, they took the elected boys off to the side to talk to them. After the ceremony was over the members heard nothing but praise. Many Troops wished they had had elections before that weekend so as to se their boys go through such an impressive ceremony. Many people hoped this would be a yearly tradition. The members of the team are Joe O., Jimmie B., Paul S., Michael S. and Rhys M. Mr. McAteer was their guide.

By: Rhys M.


March 2004 Newsletter

Thanks to all who participated in this event.

Scouts are to bring their Scout Handbooks every meeting. Mainly so that they can refer to them when working on some skills and also we are trying to get all Troop records up to date and to see who has not advanced in a long time. Also, Scouts will be having Scoutmaster Conferences quarterly, whether advancing or not, so that goals can be set for the Scout and the Scout can get some needed guidance. Here is the schedule for the March SM Conference: Thomas G., Rhys, Kevin, Josh, and Thomas V.

Mark your calendar for March 6th at 1:30 – 2:00 PM. Thomas G. has scheduled another work day to complete his Eagle project. It will be at Gladin’s Automotive on Crater Road. Everyone’s help is needed.

Mr. F. continually updates the Troop web page. Take a look!! The address is

Welcome to the new boys from Pack 910.

This question was asked of the new members of our Troop. Here are their answers:

NICK: “It went ok. Good. It was fun. I learned how to tie knots.”

GARRETT: “It was fun because we got to play cards, watch movies, go outside and go bowling. I learned what the Scout Badge represents.”

DANIEL: “Pretty good. I learned how to tie knots.”

BRANDON: I learned different Scout techniques. Had lots of fun. Made new friends and had fun with the old friends.”

DREW: “Good. Played cards and board games. Had fun playing around. Learned how to tie a lot of knots and about Boy Scouting.”

SCOTT: “It was nice. Went very well. Bowling was fun. The knot tying was a good review.”

- Mar 12-14: This is the Ramsey’s Draft hiking weekend.
- Mar 17th: Committee Meeting at 7 PM at the Scout Hut
- Mar 19-21st: This is the OA Ordeal weekend. Good Luck to Aaron who will be going for his ordeal.
- Mar 16th: Scoutmaster Conference. See the first page of this newsletter.
- Mar 30th: The Court of Honor. Someone will be contacting everyone on what food to bring. An FOS briefing will also be conducted.

The Scout Show was canceled due to technical difficulties. It has been rescheduled for May 1st.

Blue Ridge Sporting Goods Trip
n February 3rd, Troop 900 went to Blue Ridge Sporting Goods. There we met an Eagle Scout who taught us about backpack hiking.

After we sat down in “Crazy Creek”’ seats, he told us about cooking equipment and food. First he showed us two models of cooking stoves and their fuel. Then he talked about silverware with tools on the end, and his mess kit. Afterwards, he presented many verities of dehydrated food.

Then he explained about appropriate clothing, rain weather gear, and staying warm in sleeping bags. Next, he presented water bottles with attachable water purifiers that can screw on the top.

Finally, he ended the lecture by letting us shop briefly among the amazing products. They had kayaks, canoes, sleeping bags, food, gloves, flashlights, and anything you can think of.

We had a great time!!!

By: Kevin


Dear Scouts,

It here, springs just around the corner. It's time to get outside. Before too long you'll find yourself heading out the door after school and on the weekends to play basketball and soccer, to just mention a few activities. But it's also time for us Boy Scouts to head out the door for some extremely exciting activities. This March we will be going for a weekend hike along the Shenandoah Mountain. To Hike down to Ramsey's Draft and back up along Jerry's Run. Have you ever heard of the expression "it's a wonderful ridge day"? Well if the weather and sky are just right you will learn what this means.

And lets not forget, this coming April during spring break, some of us will have the chance to spend a week hiking along the Appalachian Trail, forging memories to last a lifetime. Now the younger scouts you will also have a chance to sharpen your out door hiking skill with a couple of overnight hiking adventures along the Appalachian Trail.

So here's to seeing you out-doors,

Oo eSe eMe


February 2004 Newsletter


February 8th is Scout Sunday. We will be meeting at the church at 7 AM to prepare a pancake breakfast for them to show our appreciation of their support all year long. On Feb 7th at approx 1:30 there will be a rehearsal in the church. Also, for those Scouts not attending P. Henry, we will be meeting at 9 AM (definite time TBA) to help the Cubs clean up the Scout Hut and the grounds.


Scouts are to bring their Scout Handbooks every meeting. Mainly so that they can refer to them when working on some skills and also we are trying to get all Troop records up to date and to see who has not advanced in a long time. Also, Scouts will be having Scoutmaster Conferences quarterly, whether advancing or not, so that goals can be set for the Scout and the Scout can get some needed guidance.


On February 28th is the Scout Show at the mall. That is also the weekend for Scout Hut camping. Anyone with photos of the Troop camping and such – get them to Ms. C., who is working on our Troop display.


On February 7, 14 & 21, Patrick Henry is meeting at Short Pump Middle School. Good luck to those Scouts attending. They will be taking either Public Speaking or Communications Merit Badges.


- Feb 16th: Religious Emblem meeting for Catholic Scouts at Sacred Heart on Rt. 460. 7 PM. See Mrs. O.

- Feb 18th: Committee Meeting at 7 PM at the church

- Feb 16th is a holiday. We need a few Scouts or Scouters to volunteer to put out the flags around the courthouse.

- Feb 21: Pack 910’s Blue and Gold ceremony. We will need a few Scouts to help with the Webelos crossover.

- Mar 2: Fun Night. Bring your money for pizza and a game.



Troop 900 arrived at Albrights for the Klondike Derby a little before 7:00 p.m. and we immediately began setting up our campsite. In spite of the cold there was great anticipation about the next day’s competition. I was nervous about the possibility of freezing to death during the night.

The next morning (yes, I survived the night) we, the Serpent Patrol, had a simple, but hardy breakfast of instant oatmeal and cereal bars. Then with the help of Joe, our fearless SPL, we got all of the equipment that we would need for the Derby onto the sled. Then, Joe got a marker and we all signed our names onto one of our two flags. There was Joe, J.C., Kevin, Aaron, Josh, and I, Thomas S, all a part of the sinuous Serpent Patrol. Then Joe gathered the whole troop together and gave a motivating speech about remembering the three things that we had to do; believe in ourselves, believe in others, and trust our and other’s abilities. It took him a little while to finish because Mr. V. kept jumping in and saying Joe was like Monty Python in the Spanish Inquisition. This caused a lot of laughter and left us in high spirits to begin the competition.

We then took our sled to be checked-in and listened to an explanation of the rules given by one of the adult leaders running the Klondike Derby. Soon afterwards we were given a map and a scorecard and we were off. We had begun the Klondike Derby.

Kevin, Joe, Josh, and I were pulling and Aaron and J.C. were pushing the sled. The cold sometimes made the going a bit difficult. We got to our first station, knots, and did well, but we missed one knot, the timber hitch. (Oops, practice, practice, practice). Then we got to our next station, which was a game that involved teamwork. We got a perfect score of 10. What a great team! We pulled our sled to our 3rd station, fire building and quickly built a small fire and burned our string in half. However we did not get a perfect score, we only got 9 points, because J.C. and I accidentally started several seconds too early. (Oops again! I guess we got too caught up in the excitement.) We moved on to our 4th station where we made our lunch of ramen noodles and Doritos. We are good at boiling water.

After lunch, we did first aid, and moved on to the stretcher relay. For me this was the best part of the day. Josh and Aaron did the first half of the relay carrying (and dropping!) Kevin. Then Joe and J.C. carried me for the second half of the relay. But, Joe and J.C. didn’t walk with my stretcher, they ran. It was a very exciting ride, just lying on a blanket while flying though the air. I felt like Aladdin.

Following the stretcher relay we went to the height and distance station. It was the station that was run by Troop 900 and we were disappointed that we didn’t do well. It was a downhill slope to the final station so we took off running but came to an abrupt stop in the mud at the bottom of the hill. There was a long line of sleds at the last station, so we had to wait for about an hour to do our turn. During that time we did some target practice on each other with pinecones. We did well on this last station, getting a perfect score of 10. We ran to the finish

line and turned in our scorecard. When the results were announced, they told us who was the top 9 of the 18 patrols that competed. The Serpents came in 4th place!! We were very proud of ourselves and happily returned to the campsite and put away our equipment.

That evening we packed up as much as possible so we won’t have to do so much in the morning. This took a little extra time because every so often someone would have to go warm themselves by the fire! But, it didn’t snow on us and everyone seemed to have a good and worthwhile weekend.

BY: Thomas S.



The week before the Klondike Derby the Dragon patrol got their patrol box ready. We planned our menu and decided to have easy meals because they were fast cleanup and we would be very tired after pulling the sled all day.

On Friday at 6 o’clock on the 23rd of January, the Dragons packed their gear into the trailer. We got to Albright’s farm at 7 o’clock. The Dragons unpacked the trailer and set up tarps and tents in the dark. The Dragons had to share a dining fly with the Serpent patrol because of missing poles. We, the dragons, had hot chocolate and played Magic until 11 o’clock that night.

On Saturday morning we all had cereal and milk. We had everything we needed except our patrol flag. While we waited a photographer from the Hopewell Newspaper took our picture. When we started the Klondike it was tough because one of our strings came untied and made it hard for us to hold onto the sled. The sled was really heavy and we were the last ones to leave the starting point. Our best event was fire building because it was fun and helped us stay warm. We finished the course around 4:30 that afternoon. We, the Dragon patrol, came in 9th place out of 18 sleds which was good because I didn’t think we had practiced that much.

Each member of our patrol had a special event that they performed and did really good at. Steve was really good at tying the timber hitch. Joel was good at the stretcher relay because he was strong. Chris was good at the height & distance station. Jimmie was good at the first aid station for broken legs. Thomas V was good at fire building because he knew what kind of sticks to get to make the fire burn. And I, Victor was good at remembering what order the Toxin Turtles go in to get across the toxic moat. One of the funniest things that happened at Albrights was when we threw each other down the slope while waiting at the life rescue station.

Sunday, we had oatmeal and packed our tents. We had a church service and left.

BY: Victor


Always remember the three things. Also remember that I want you to advance – see me or your Patrol Leader for assistance.



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