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Sent: Thursday, October 29, 2009 8:59 PM
Subject: HOT! Troop 900 Events over the next week


Lots going on in Troop 900 over the next week.  Please call or email me or the SPL if you have any questions.


Scouting For Food “Bags Out” Saturday, 31 October

-          Meet at the Scout Hut at 9AM

-          Uniform is Class A

-          Will need adults to help drive the Scouts around Branchester Lakes to put the bags out

-          The more hands and cars the quicker this goes!  Please help if you can


Doug B. Eagle Project work day, Saturday, 31 October

-          When: after “Bags Out”

-          Where: Scout Hut

-          See Doug’s note below for details on what to bring, wear, etc.  Please call him if you can come.


There is no Scout meeting on Tuesday, 3 November.  No School….no Scouts!


Our Annual Troop “Fun” Camp-in starts Friday, 6 November at 6:30PM and goes until about noon on Sunday, 8 November at the Scout Hut.

-          Cost is $15, covers all meals, etc

-          We will sleep in the Scout Hut.  Bring a mat for the floor and a sleeping bag.  It has gotten very cold in the past.

-          Bring your toothbrush, tooth paste, etc.

-          Don’t wear your uniform, but bring your full Class A uniform on a hanger, to include merit badge sash.  Don’t forget Scout socks

-          Bring a jacket, you will be outdoors part of the time

-          If you have not earned First Class….bring your Scout book

-          Call the SPL on what gizmos you can bring…remember we profess to live by the Scout Oath and Law!

-          No CELL PHONES

-          The Scoutmaster can use some Dads to help cover down.  Can split up times if we need to.

-          We will attend Matt’s Court of Honor on Saturday at 5:30PM. 

-          The Troop will attend church on Sunday, then is released (around Noon)


Scouting For Food “Bags In” is Saturday, 7 November

-          Meet at the Scout Hut at 9AM

-          Will need lots of help with drivers.  Big vehicles and trucks are a plus since we’ll be picking up full bags of goods

-          Uniform is Class A


Matt S Eagle Court of Honor is Saturday, 7 November at 5:30 PM on Fort Lee.  See attached invitation and map of Fort Lee.  It is important you RSVP, especially if you do not have a decal to get onto Fort Lee.  The attached map has the details.


From Doug:

Mr. Shumar


Please pass to the Troop that I will be having an Eagle Scout Service Project this Saturday 31 OCT.  We will start right after Bags Out is done and we should be done by 3 PM.  Scouts should bring a change of clothes so they won't get their uniforms dirty.


The plan Saturday is measure and cut all of the lumber, build the deck frames for an 18 foot and 12 foot bridge, measure and cut the deck board and build the railings.  We will break down 18 foot frame for transport.


I will need about 12 - 15 people with some adults for supervision.


I need people to the following gear:


2 tape measures

2 power saws

2 electric drill with Phillips head attachment


If they have ear and eye protection they should bring


I have pencils, levels, a drill and saw, measuring tape and a chop saw to cut the deck boards.


My dad is making chili for lunch.


Please let me know if you can come and help by Thursday evening, 29 OCT.  Also what gear you can bring.  Need to know by then so my Dad can buy the food for Saturday.


Phone numbers






or e-mail







July 2008


Lots going on this week, so here we go…..

 The yard sale was a tremendous success.  Thanks to all who made it happen.  Good news is if you still have some stuff you want to donate/get rid of…well, you have another opportunity!  We are going to continue the yard sale this Saturday from 6:30-11:30AM.  We still have lots of stuff to sell, so we’ll push it one more week.

Please come out Saturday AM to help if you can and spread the word about the sale.

 This Tuesday (5 Aug) we’ll have a regular Troop meeting; uniform is class B except the three Scouts going before the board for Tenderfoot need to be in full class A to include merit badge sash (Cory, David and Scott).  Our meeting will be outside the Scout Hut.  The focus is on cooking and coming up with a patrol menu for Eagle Point.  The weather forecast looks like we’ll be OK.  Scouts: bring your eating utensils (fork, spoon and plate).  We’ll do some cooking and you will be able to test the goods.  Probably won’t be enough chow to qualify for dinner, but if you are willing to try new things, you won’t starve either.  Parents: Phil can use some help getting things ready for the sale. 

 Our meeting on 12 August will focus on water safety and packing for Eagle Point on Lake Gaston.  I need to know which adults can come and who can provide a canoe, row boat, kayak or whatever.  We’ll boat, swim, fish and dig for treasure (bring a metal detector if you have one).  Also, if you need a book review, this is the time to turn it in.   

 We have three Scouts at Buckskin Junior Leader Training this week.  Can’t wait to get them home to set them loose in the troop!

 Looking out farther….

 Troop elections are 2 September.  If you are interested in running for a Troop office, see the Scoutmaster.  I will be away on business for most of the last part of August, so see me soonest.

 29 September is our big fund raiser running a concession stand at J.E.J Moore and doing a show and sell popcorn sale at Walmart.  We need LOTS of parents to participate this day to make it a success.  This will be our biggest fund raising event for the year.  Please talk to Phil and Eilleen to tell them when you can help.  

 See you Tuesday,


SM T900


T900 Scout Reminders - May 22, 2008


Before we scatter to the four winds this holiday, some reminders regarding upcoming Troop 900 Scout events:

On 26 May (Memorial Day) the Troop puts flags out in Prince George. Mr Hagerich is going to head this up; Scouts who committed to do this be at the Scout Hut NLT 7:30 AM to put the flags out. Mr Hagerich will announce the time for flags in.

On the 26th following flags out, Mr Hagerich will continue to work on the communications merit badge and provide assistance with the pre-requisites for the Environmental Sciences merit badge for those Scouts signing up for that badge at summer camp. Both merit badges are required for Eagle Scout.

Prince George has a Memorial Day ceremony at the old Prince George Court House. Scouts participating in that event need to be at the Court House NLT 9:30 AM on the 26th. Look for Mr Shumar, Mr Hagerich or Mr Flickinger…we’ll be in Scout uniform.

Need commitments and payment for summer camp by 3 June. Cost for camp is $230. If unable to make full payment by the 3rd, please talk to the Scoutmaster. It is very important we know who is attending camp by the 3rd. Over the next couple meetings, we’ll get the Scouts signed up for the merit badges and activities they will participate in at camp.

Need to know who (adults and Scouts) is going to attend the Troop campout on 14-15 June. The plan is to spend Saturday at the Beach with some possible other activities on Sunday. The beach and the camp site are on a Naval Base, so I need everybody’s name for gate clearance, etc. For those concerned: we won’t be camping right on the beach!

Adults and Scouts attending the June campout; take the safe swim defense course offered online at once completed, print a copy of the certificate and bring it to the meeting on 10 June.

3 June is also book review for Scouts needing that.

3 June is our troop OA elections. It is very important that all the Scouts attend this meeting on time so they can cast their votes! All Scouts have an obligation to vote in this important selection of their peers to Scouting’s National Honor Society. We’ll talk about this more next meeting.

Nelson L. and Thomas S. have a board of review on 27 May.

Next Troop Committee meeting is 7:00 PM on 18 June; all adults are invited to attend.

There are copies of the updated Troop calendar in the Scout Hut. Thank you Simone Woodford!

I want to thank again all the adults who helped with the Mafeking campout: Buck Buchanan, Aaron Cain, Phil Hagerich, Carlos Ramos, Gary Woodford, Joe LaHaye, Frank Schneck, Nick Doukas, Chris Douglas, Koz, Lowell Flickinger, Charlie Vance and Beth Shumar. Thank you for bringing the spirit of Lord Baden-Powell to life; It couldn’t have been done without you! We’ll announce the top scoring patrol at the court of honor in June. I think we have established that Chris Douglas needs to bring his spot light (or search light) to all future campouts!

Scouts: reminder, dues are 0.75 cents per meeting. This money is used to buy new equipment, repair old equipment, buy propane and charcoal for campouts and badges from the Scout Shop. Paying dues on time and in full is part of Scout Spirit…thanks.

Scouts: it is important to wear the proper Scout uniform to meetings to include the neckerchief. Aside from showing Scout Spirit, the uniform identifies you as someone who is committed to follow the Scout Oath and Law….which makes you a standout among your peers. Only Adult leaders and JASMs have the option of not wearing the neckerchief. If you have lost your neckerchief, you can purchase another from the troop. The Scouts who just crossed over will get their troop neckerchief at a later date. We’ll officially go to the class B uniform for summer sometime after school is out, but until then wear the uniform right and with pride!

Thank you!

-Bob Shumar SM T900


April 4, 2008

Scouts and Scouters, From the SPL:

There are a few announcements I need to make:

- Very Important: Every Scout who is going to the Merit Badge Weekend needs to know what merit badges they will be taking by the next meeting. (The 8th). See the attached sheet for the latest information on merit badges and class times.

- The PLC decided to leave early Saturday morning for merit badge weekend instead of Friday night. We need to meet at the Scout Hut at 6:45 AM on Saturday, April 19 so we can get in place for the opening ceremony and before the classes start. We should be back at the Scout Hut by 11:00 AM on Sunday, April 20th. Scouts need to eat or bring a breakfast and can bring a bag lunch or buy lunch from the OA. We will prepare dinner and Sunday breakfast as Patrols.

- We will hand out T Brady Saunders Summer Camp 2008 Guides at the meeting on Tuesday the 8th.

The following Scouts have Scoutmaster Conferences on the 8th:
  Ian D.
  Michael D.
  Nelson L.
  Joey L.

Don’t forget to pay your dues! That is part of Scout Spirit and you can’t get promoted if your dues are behind. Dues are now 75 cents. Talk to the Scribe if you don’t know if you owe anything.

Remember Donut orders are due if you are participating in that.

Aaron’s Eagle Court of Honor will be held on Sunday the 6th of April at Gregory Memorial Chapel. Scouts need to be there at 2:00 PM. EVERYONE IS INVITED! Reception follows the ceremony in the Fellowship Hall. Practices will be held on Saturday the 5th at 1:00 PM for those who have parts in the ceremony. Aaron will talk to you if he has you in his ceremony. Wear full uniform including the sash.

Other events this weekend: Aaron's Ceremony at Sacred Heart is at 12:15 on Sunday 6th of April to re-consecrate his Eagle project. Everyone is welcome.

Doug & Chris' awarding and recognition of the Ad Altere Dei Religious Award is also at Sacred Heart during the 11 AM Mass. Whoever attends either should be in full Scout uniform w/ MB sash.

- John S. SPL Troop900 **************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

From the Scoutmaster:

I need to know ASAP which adults plan on attending the Merit Badge weekend on 19-20 April. I do not plan on taking the trailer, but I do want to take some Troop equipment; if anybody has a pick-up truck or something along that line to help us move out that would be great. Thank you!


All, If anybody is interested in attending the District Committee Training Workshop, see the announcement below:

Dear Scouter,

I am pleased to invite you to attend the Crater District Committee Training Workshop. The workshop will meet the basic training requirements of district volunteers and support them with the skills and knowledge beneficial to leading, managing, and providing quality programs for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturers. It is required in order to earn the District Committee Key Award. I am told that this is the first time in 14 years that a District Committee has requested such training.

The district committee is comprised of elected and non-elected positions. All Chartered Organization Representatives (COR) and Pack, Troop, and Crew Committee Chairpersons are members at large within the district committee and have an equal voice in its operation and management. The district committee and I welcome and encourage all to attend the training and assist the district committee with its operation. The District Committee meets every third Monday evening at 7:00 PM at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, address below.

Details -
Who - All Scouters! You do not have to be a current member of a district committee nor from Crater District to attend. All are welcome!
What - District Committee Training Workshop.
Where - Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer (1769 South Sycamore Street, Petersburg, VA 23805).
When - Monday, 21 Apr 08 from 7:00 - 10:00 PM.
Why - To enable participants to:
- a. Define the four functions of district operations and list all the positions and structures of the district that carry out each of the four functions. List four tasks accomplished under each of the four functions.
- b. Identify the major tasks of their specific committee or district assignment and define ways each task might be accomplished.
- c. Review a list of 12 responsibilities and correctly label each and assign to either the district chairman, district commissioner, or the district executive.
- d. Tell why their particular assignment is essential to district operation.
- e. Name the other positions or committees of the district that they might need to talk with to carry out their assignment in the district.
- f. Set the example for Unit Committees who will in turn set the example for their scouting programs.
How - Lecture, PowerPoint, and group discussion. Dinner will be provided, i.e., pizza, water, and sodas.

The cost is $5.00 to cover the cost of materials and refreshments. Pre-registration is highly encouraged. Attendance will be capped at 50…space is limited. The first 50 to register in advance and/or at the door are guaranteed attendance.
To pre-register go to the following URL:

The point of contact for the Crater District Committee Training Workshop is Chris Michelsen at (804) 530-5261 or

Please do not hesitate to call/e-mail Chris or me ( with questions. I look forward to seeing you at training.

Yours in Scouting,
Cecil M. Smith
Chairman, Crater District


11-Mar-2008 - Final Notes for Upcoming Events

Tonight’s Meeting

  1. Boards of Review for Terryll (Eagle Palm), Matt, John & Doug (Life) - Full Dress Uniform w/ Scout Book (MATT, yours is at the Scout Hut!)
  2. Scoutmaster Conferences: David R., Scott S., Brandon S., Sterling M. (Scout Badge) Full Uniform and Scout Handbook
  3. Planning for Court of Honor - Specific Assignments were given last week We can discuss more tonight
  4. AT Hikers.
    There will be a MANDATORY meeting for parents of all Scouts going on the AT Hike over Spring Break next Tuesday 18 March at 6 PM (before the Court of Honor). This is a critical meeting to ensure all are prepared for this high adventure advent. The meeting will accomplish the following
    - Update Permission Slips - Fill Out Emergency Contact Info - Provide Mr. Vance/Mr Shumar a mimeographed copy of a health plan card
    - Turn in prescription drug information sheets
    - Review of the Planned Route
    - Emergency Procedures
    - Resupply Procedures
         Mr Orr will carry the backpacks in his truck on 22 March 08
         Mr Hagerich will carry the packs back home on 26 March 2008
         The Learys will provide the resupply vehicle on Monday 24 March 2008 (Thanks Rod & Sharon!)
         I will drive 5 people on 22 March and 26 March.
  5. Easter Egg Hunt. The Prince George Easter Egg Hunt is Saturday 22 March at Temple Park on RT 156. We will help set up and assist the parks department as needed. This is a great opportunity for service hours. Time is 8:30 AM – 12 noon at Temple Park. If you can help out for some or all contact Mr Hagerich.
  6. Camping Trip Friday 28 – Saturday 29 March 08 We will have a camping trip at Albright’s for our newer Scouts and to work on some advancement. We need Leaders and Drivers for this event. We will leave the Scout Hut about 9 AM on 28 March and return around 4 PM on 29 March. Cost is $10.00 Let me know NLT next Tuesday 18 March 08
  7. Towing. Over the past two years that I have been Scoutmaster I have given a lot of time to the Troop. It appears I have also given a transmission. While my truck is being repaired I will be unable to tow the Troop Trailer anymore. We will need folks to provide this support as we go forward.
  8. TROOP COMMITTEE MEETING TOMORROW NIGHT 12 MAR 7 – 8 PM. This is a very important meeting since we are switching over Scoutmasters and have some decisions to make. Please be there! Parents you can attend even if you are not on the committee!

See everyone tonight!

JOHN E. BUCHANAN OPM, LIS PD, Tactical Logistics Systems (TLS) Global Security & Engineering Solutions A Division of L3 Communications PBUSE Fielding Lead 800 Lee Avenue Bldg 5104 Fort Lee VA 23801 804-734-7272 DSN 687 CELL 254-681-2332 FAX 804-734-7553


February 5, 2008 Newsletter

Dear Parents and Scouts:

Here is some information to cover upcoming events this month

Saturday 9 FEB is Scout Hut Cleanup

8 AM – 12 Noon

We need to clean up around the Scout Hut, clean out the QM Room and the barn.  We need maximum participation for this event and we will do this rain or shine.

Bring work gloves and a rake if you can.

One person has volunteered their pickup to go to the dump to pick up mulch.  We need one more if possible.  Please let me know ASAP.

Sunday 10 FEB is Pancake Breakfast and Scout Sunday

Please get to the Scout Hut NLT than 7:30 on Sunday AM.  We will hold the pancake breakfast from 8:30 – 9:15. 


Once clean up is done we will rehearse for the service.  If you want to join us, service starts at 11 AM and should run to about 12:15.

Uniform is Full Class A with Merit Badge sash

Ski Trip

Make your plans for the Skiing Trip at Wintergreen, scheduled for February 22nd – 24th, 2008.   It is very important that you inform the Troop that your son and/or you, your family would like to make this Skiing trip with the Troop.  For planning we need to know my February 12th with the permission slip and money turned to the Troop, at that time.   Permission Slip (doc  -  pdf)

The cost of the trip is $65.00 for anyone wishing to ski and $15.00 those not wishing to ski to cover the cost of food. 

Do not guarantee that you will not fall skiing, but do Guarantee Good Food for the weekend.
We would like to leave the Scout Hut by 5:30 on the 22nd and return by 12:30 on the 24th.


(2/06) Don't forget, next Tuesday is the deadline to hand in the items from Peanut Sales! Top seller earns $25, 2nd $15 and 3rd $10. And parents, remember that 40 cents on the dollar goes straight to the boys' account!


January 15, 2008 Newsletter

Howdy to one and all

 I haven’t sent one of these out in awhile so let me get us all caught up!

 Our next big event is the Crater Winter Challenge, 25 – 27 JAN 08.  This event is at Albrights and each patrol will sue their land navigation skills to move around the camp and demonstrate other basic Scout skills.  Cost will be $18.00 per person ($ 10.00 for food and $ 8.00 for the registration and patch).

 A few Scouts are interested on participating in the Patrick Henry program sponsored by the Council.  It will be 26 Jan, 2 & 9 FEB.  Scouts can earn their Public Speaking and Communication merit badges.  So far, John S. and Matt S. are the only 2 Scouts interested.  Anyone else interested needs to talk to my tomorrow night…next week at the latest.  Cost is $6

 February 9 is our Annual Scout Hut Clean Up…please help with this as it is our annual service project to thank Gregory Memorial for their sponsorship.  We’ll start about 9 AM and finish early afternoon.  We will also feed you!

 Sunday FEB 10 is Scout Sunday and Annual Pancake Breakfast for Church.  Plan on your Scout being at the Church from about 7:30 to Noon on that day.

 22 -24 FEB will be a Troop ski trip.  Costs, etc., are TBD.  We will need some chaperones and drivers for this one so if you can help out please step up.

 Tomorrow night we will welcome several Webelos Scouts to our Troop meeting.  They are going to cross over from Pack 910 on 9 FEB so lets give them a good welcome!

 If you are a 1st Class Scout and will be 14 by June, why not consider being a Counselor-In-Training at Camp Brady Saunders?  There is no cost for this.  Selected Scouts will attend a training day on 17 May, work 22 – 28 June and then one other week during summer camp this year.

 Parents…there is no cost for this!!!!

 If you are interested, see MR. Buchanan for an application.

 A few key events for down the road.

             Our Spring Break 22 – 26 MAR backpacking trip is starting to come together.  This is going to be a very strenuous event.  As a result, some Scouts are going to be excluded…this is for their safety and the safety of others.  We will plan on a trip to Albrights 28 – 30 MAR as a training weekend for our newer Scouts and those who are not able to make the AT trip.

        The calendar we handed out at the Christmas Party has the wrong for the dates for Summer camp.  The correct dates are 6 – 12 July 08.

 Our Camping Trip in May is now 2 -4 May.  We made the change so we would not interfere with Mothers Day and some Council events.

 Fund Raising.  We are selling peanuts from the Virginia Diner to help pay for Summer Camp, the Ski Trip and other events.  If your son DID NOT bring home a packet see myself or Mr Hegrich.  Scouts earn 40 cents on the dollar towards their account.

 PLC tomorrow Night  15 FEB  6 PM

 Committee Meeting  Wed Night  16 FEB  7 PM

 Flags Out MLK Birthday  21 JAN 


Click Here to go to the Troop Committee Meeting Minutes


March 2005 Newsletter

February 2005 Newsletter

January 2005?

December 2004?

November 2004 Newsletter


 On the weekend of Nov 19th, the Troop will be camping out at Albright’s.  Along with doing a service project we will be working on basic scout skills.  More information is to follow.


 The scoutmaster conference schedule for the month of November is: JC, Jimmie, Kevin, Josh, Garrett, Nick, and Aaron.  The SM conference is scheduled for November 23rd so make sure to bring your Scout books.  This is also for any Scout who wishes to advance.  There will be no scoutmaster conference or board of review in the month of December due to the fact we will only have 2 meetings.


Congratulations to Joe and Mr. Orr for accomplishing their Vigil honor at the OA Fall Fellowship.


Please pick up your popcorn orders on November 19th at 5 PM.  This is also when the Scouts will be meeting to head out for their camping trip.


Order forms were due in November 2nd.  On Nov 8th the Troop order will be turned into council.  Money is due December 7th.  Once the Troop has paid its bill, the prizes are ordered and the money the Scouts earned will be deposited into their accounts.


It is that time of year again.  Scouts need to be thinking about renewing their subscription to Boy’s Life.  If scouts have money in their account, this can be used.  Also, to clear up our records for the year, any Scout with an outstanding balance for Troop dues will that money taken from their account.


Let’s welcome Thomas Gladin into adulthood!  (This still means you must listen to your mom)  Preston will hit 18 later in the month.  Also a Happy Natal Day to Jimmie, Thomas V. (another 18th) and Drew – their birthdays are in December.  And to the adults – Mr. Orr, Mr. Bailey and Mr. Beaudet – your ages are safe with us!


- Nov 11th = veteran’s Day.  Flags will be put out.
- Nov 13th = Scouting for Food – bags in.  Then we will be having lunch and a rehearsal for Thomas’ court of honor.
-Nov 16th = Joel Born will celebrate his Court of Honor during the regular Troop meeting.
- Nov 17th = Committee Meeting, 7:00
- Nov 19th = Popcorn pickup.
- Dec 4th = Road cleanup and X-mas parade.
- Dec 7th = Popcorn money due.
- Dec 11th = Court of Honor 


This time the Scouts have decided to have this on a Saturday.  Their plan is to have a patrol cook-off and celebrate their achievements.  For parents, this means that we do not have to cook (except for Mrs. Bailey who must make Cherry Yum Yum).

Mrs. Story will be getting with parents for some items that we will need. 


Maps are great things.  They help us to know where we are, guide us to where we want to go and tell us information about things that we may find or need to be aware of on the way to our destination. 

Scouts have several maps at their disposal.  The Scout Law, Oath, Motto and Slogan help us everyday as we journey through life.  They provide boundaries, ask us to be aware of our surroundings and of other people, tell us that some things are very important to being a good citizen and remind us that we have certain responsibilities not only to ourselves but to other people.

Are you putting your maps to the best use?

Yours in Scouting,

                                    Mr. Orr



October 2004 Newsletter (MSWord)


  SPL - Jimmie
ASPL - Thomas S.
PL - Kevin (Serpents)
APL - Garrett
PL - Chris (Dragons)
APL - Victor
QM - Aaron
Chaplin's Aide - Nick
Scribe - Drew
OA Liaison - Thomas S.
Librarian - Dan
Historian - Brandon
Troop Guide - J.C.
JASM - Joe & Thomas G.

Last week the Scouts were given their responsibilities and notified who their mentor was. It is the Scout’s responsibility to seek out their mentor for guidance.


On the weekend of Oct. 23rd, the Troop will be camping out in the field next to the Scout Hut. Also we will be assisting with set-up and clean-up of the church’s Community Day and we will be selling popcorn. More information to follow. On October 24th we will be participating in the church service. Directly afterwards we will again be selling popcorn and taking orders.


We are having 2 guest speakers this date. Please be sure to be a few minutes early. Also make sure you bring your book along so that a requirement in the 2nd class portion (#8) can be signed off.


The scoutmaster conference schedule for the month of October is: Victor, Chris, Thomas S, Brandon, and Drew. The SM conference is scheduled for October 19th so make sure to bring your Scout books. This is also for any Scout who wishes to advance.


The Women’s Fair is Oct. 9th. The Troop will be assisting the Women’s Fair to help set up booths and such. This is an excellent way for the boys to earn community service hours. We will also be selling popcorn. A schedule has been worked out.


Congratulations to Thomas Gladin who earned his Eagle rank last week. His Court of Honor will be Nov. 13th at 6 PM. More info will follow. J


Gregory Memorial Presbyterian Church is supporting a unit that is heading off to Iraq. They are asking Troop 900’s support also. At this time we are collecting books, sports magazines, disposable cameras and table games. If you have any of these items, please bring them to the Scout Hut by Oct. 19th


Yes, you have already filled this out once. There was a minor addition to this form so please fill out and return as soon as possible.


Last week the Scouts were given notice of the dues that they are behind. Dues are 50 cents a week and it is their responsibility to maintain this.


It is that time of year again. Scouts need to be thinking about renewing their subscription to Boy’s Life. We hope to complete this the same date as when parents pick up popcorn in Nov. More information to follow.


- Oct 11 = OA Chapter Meeting
- Oct 15-17 = OA Fall Fellowship
- Oct 20 = Committee Meeting, 7:00
- Nov 2 = Election Day; Flags are to go out along the Courthouse
- Nov 6 = Scouting for Food bags out and popcorn selling at Food Lion



There are a couple of training opportunities in October. See Mr. Flickinger or Mr. Orr if you are interested.


September 2004 Newsletter


We are at the start of a new year and one noticeable change is that of Scoutmaster. Mr. Charlie Vance will be stepping down after three years and Mr. Ralph Orr will be taking over. Thanks to Mr. Vance for all of his hard work.

The yearly calendar is complete, and with just a couple of changes at the committee meeting due to unforeseen events, it is what the Scouts worked on at the August PLC. Every parent will receive a copy at the Sept. Court of Honor.


- Sep 6th –Flags out - Sep 7th – Fun Night  - Sep 10-12 – OA Ordeal
- Sep 15th – Popcorn Dinner - Sep 20th – OA Meeting - Sep 22nd – Committee Meeting @ 7
- Sep 28th – Court of Honor - Oct 9th – Women’s Fair  


This is a change from the PLC. The Troop will be going to Skyanchor to work on the Disability Awareness Merit Badge (this event was to be done in Oct). The merit badge books are provided there but if you would like to review some of the requirements go to More info to follow.


The Troop leaders have been informed that the opening ceremony for this one will be special and involve a torch so wear flame-retardant clothes. Just kidding. Thanks to Mrs. Story who has volunteered to take over the organizing of the food for our Courts of Honor. Thanks to Mrs. Vance who has done a spectacular job the past few years!


For newer Scouts, refer to your Scout Handbook that was passed out upon your joining the Troop. Refer to page 4 and 5. When you have worked on a specific area and know it well, see your patrol leader to be tested and get it signed off. For those Scouts who completed some requirements at camp, your book must be turned in to Mrs. Orr so it can be documented. Don’t wait too long or you will need to be retested.


Happy Birthday to Brandon – his day is Sept. 1st. Also wish a Happy Birthday to Mr. Ellwood, Mrs. Cain, Mr. Vance and Mrs. Orr.


The scoutmaster conference schedule for the month of September is: Kevin, Josh, Thomas V., Garrett, and Nick. The SM conference is scheduled for September 14th so make sure to bring your Scout books. Also, any Scout who wishes to advance.


September 15th is the Popcorn dinner and kickoff. The Troop will be ordering popcorn in order to sell in the area. We are going to be selling popcorn at the Women’s Fair, the Church Community Day, one Sunday after church and at Food Lion on Nov. 6th. If Scouts are energized to sell, they can pay for their entire scouting year. Scouts receive 27% of what they sell. Kernelettes are Mrs. Cain and Mrs. Orr.


The Women’s Fair is Oct. 9th. On the Friday before, the Troop will be assisting the Women’s Fair to help set up booths and such. This is an excellent way for the boys to earn community service hours.


Congratulations to Jimmie for completing Buckskin Training in August. And congrats to Mr. Fetty who was tapped out at Summer Camp. Good luck at your Ordeal!


Any Scout interested in finishing the summer doing this, please see Mrs. Orr or Mr. Flickinger.


School starts up Sep 7th. Good luck in the new school year and for our Scouts who have started college – study hard!


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