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Committee Meeting Minutes



1. Attendance:  Mr. F., Ms. O., and Ms. S.B.

2. Scoutmaster – NA.

3. Secretary:
 A.  Newsletter – will go out at end of Feb.  Drew was the winner of last month’s quiz.

4.  Outdoor/Activities:
 A. May campout – Not all new boys going.  They will be working on Totin’ Chip.
 B.  Court of Honor – Per Gayle, we are to have a wedding party also.  Troop to buy cake and chicken.  More to follow.  Sean will be attending that meeting.
 C.  August Trip - tabled. 
 D. Flags out of Memorial Day – will check Tuesday night about this.

5.  Treasurer: Troop has $1600.  As of right now, 9 boys are going to camp.  VFW donated $500.

6.  Advancement:
A.  We have one advancement for the 25th and we are setting up an Eagle BOR for Joel.

7.  Chaplain: Need a new Chaplain’s Aide.

8.  Equipment:
A. Griddles, tarps, and cooler were purchased for the troop.
B. Trailer – Mr. F. and his father are going to work on repairs of this prior to summer camp.

9. Training:  Super Saturday of June 5th.  The more the merrier!

10.  Old Business:  Thanks to Mrs. C. for her work on the display board for the Scout Show!

10. New Business: A question was raised on a couple of the job descriptions.  Discussed how to raise concerns if members do not feel a Scout is performing his duties.  Recommended that it is brought to the attention of the SM/ASM so that they, in turn, can bring it up to the scout at the quarterly SMC’s.

11. Announcements: None.

12.  Adjourned at 8:00.  Next meeting is 16 Jun 04 at 7 PM.







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